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Pushing for an Automated Purchasing Process
A company’s purchasing process is intended to define and manage the procurement of goods and services. Most companies spend countless hours just managing purchasing and will end up leaking a lot of unnecessary profits because of mismanagement or inefficient processes. Implementing an automated purchasing process starts with understanding the needs, wants and requirements of your organization.

Meeting Demands with an Automated Purchasing Process
Your company will have demands or requirements that need to be evaluated and, possibly, fulfilled.  Normally when you have the general details figured out a requisition or order request is sent to your procurement department to handle all the other variables like who you choose to buy from, what is the best option, the most affordable option and what is the time frame to obtain and implement all the purchases.

When a decision is made, typically a purchase order is sent out to the chosen supplier. A purchase order helps to move a desired transaction forward by formalizing the terms and conditions and signifying the intent to make a purchase. The supplier would then provide the goods or services and send an invoice detailing what was purchased, the cost and your payment options.

Automated Purchasing Process
Most procurement processes leave a lot of room for inefficiencies to arise, as well as the potential for missed savings and cash leakage. A lot of organizations cannot be bothered to weed out inefficiencies when it comes to their purchasing but an automated purchasing process can help facilitate the procurement of goods and services by speeding up communication, reducing time for approvals and eliminating some of the unnecessary paperwork.

The requester of a desired good or service will normally not be in constant contact with the purchaser and having a simple, clear and automated purchasing process will help phase out miscommunication and those irritating back and forth messages. While seemingly minor, added together, managing all the little inefficiencies can start to become your full work day. While a truly automated procurement process might never be realized organizations can take small steps to moving towards that ideal.