What Makes A Good

Purchasing a copier or multi-function printer for your business is a big decision. It is a decision most businesses do not make everyday, so the question that arises is, what makes a good copier?

In Print-IQ’s experience with 4 leading brands and over 11 years of experience in the copier trade, I have seen customers completely satisfied when they have selected a copier that fulfills all their needs. I have also helped many clients that made decisions that were less than optimal make better decisions for the future.  On the extreme end, there were also clients that barely lived through the copier’s lifespan because the initial decision was made solely based on cost and expense.

1. The Right Size
Many businesses avoid purchasing a copier or multi-function printer because, “Color is too expensive.” When you look at the price of a black-and-white copier and a color copier side-by-side, it may appear that the color copier is more expensive. But, are you outsourcing color? Are you paying extra for short runs? Are you throwing away changed documents? Are you printing color to inkjet or laser desktops? If you answered yes to any of these questions, purchasing a color copier or multi-function printer could pay for itself and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

2. Suitable Leasing Terms
How often do you read the full terms of service when signing up for online services like Facebook or Gmail? Probably not very often. Most people do not read privacy policies and terms of services. Often all of the terms & conditions are cleverly designed such that they look like standard procedures and unfavorable terms usually only come up when things make a turn for the worse.

Work with your account manager to make sure that you understand exactly what is in your lease.  You should not be purchasing a copier from an account manager that is not able to exactly explain to you where and what each of those lines of word mean.

3. A Proper Service Contract and Guarantee
Just like the lease on your new copier or multi-function printer, work with your salesperson to make sure you understand all that is included in your service contract. It is an ongoing expense for the next three to five years.

Respectable dealers will more often than not be willing to place in a guarantee of service or a 1 to 1 exchange in the event that the machine fails.  Be sure to insist on such clauses to make sure that your company is protected.

Buying used or “recon” Machines

Another question on every buyer’s mind is whether to go for used or “Recon” machines.  To save money, many businesses will buy a used or “recon” multi-function printer or copier. Sure, this can save you money upfront, but how much will it cost your business in the long run? The piece of equipment may only last a few years, and you could end up purchasing two (or more) copiers when you could have purchased just one copier new. It also becomes harder to find parts and supplies as a copier ages (and has more problems).  This is the same for your supplier/dealer, and it is proven that on average, a recon machine incurs 4 times as many service efforts as a brand new unit placed into the field.  You have to consider whether you’re willing to put your business and staff through this agony when purchasing a recon set.

While purchasing a recon piece of equipment gives you some additional guarantees over a non-certified copier, it does not give you the same guarantees as purchasing from an authorized dealer. What happens if the vendor goes out of business? Who will back up those certified pre-owned guarantees?

Purchasing a copier or multi-function printer from an authorized dealer such as Print-IQ gives you the guarantee of the dealer, as well as a manufacturer that will stand behind the product.

I hope these tips will give you confidence when purchasing your next copier or multi-function printer for your business. If you are located in Singapore, contact us. We would be happy to walk you through the purchase process and help you pick the right copier for your business.