From the factory floor to the office desktop

HP PageWide Technology allows businesses to reach new levels of performance and ompetitiveness. And, of course, HP PageWide printers and presses are backed by the reliability and extensive service and support that you would expect from HP.


A new reality
Imagine in the future if you could reinvent the way you printed. Faster, using less energy, more productively, more efficiently and with less cost. Improved performance in every way.
Now that future has arrived and become a reality. It’s called HP PageWide Technology.

Making it possible to print at a speed of up to 6900 A/A4 color pages per minute in commercial applications.

Making it possible to save up to 50% in total printing costs.


HP PageWide Business Printers
Boost office productivity with reliable HP performance. HP PageWide Technology pairs best-in-class total cost of ownership with fast speeds, and fleet management features deliver professional-quality color documents securely