Easy Deployment Manager


Realise the future with Samsung’s Easy Deployment Manager. From remotely installing customised drivers on multiple PCs to setting up group packages within Active Directory domains, you can experience new levels of efficiency. What once took up hours of your time and resource can now be achieved from quickly on your PC. By enhancing the remote capabilities, other benefits include simpler reconfigurations on PC system settings and also a tighter control on Company Policy. What was once a complicated and limited process has been transformed into a far more convenient and powerful business tool.

Creating custom installation packages

Flexibility is paramount to any business operation, and that’s why the Samsung Easy Deployment Manager allows administrators to customise their installation packages. By simply disabling/enabling or changing default values, businesses are able to keep in line with company policy and requirements. And to make things even simpler, the package customisation function (assuming that you can customise and package the previous UPD pack) also allows you to modify installation and driver settings.

Installing packages on multiple remote PCs

The Samsung Easy Deployment Manager saves time and hassle for administrators through its remote installation of drivers and applications. From group package installations to synchronised deliveries, administrators can work remotely with client PCs.

Deployment packages to multiple groups

Maintaining group policy with PCs that already exist within an Active Directory domain is now a simple task. Samsung’s Easy Deployment Manager lets you set pre-configured packages that can be tailored to each particular domain and then implemented via the Active Directory Deployment.

Configure any printer’s driver remotely

With Samsung’s Easy Deployment Manager, making updates or changes to driver settings is a quick and easy task that no longer requires leaving the desk. Administrators can remotely amend settings and even lock custom settings per domain group so that company policy is followed. This helps in saving time, resource and hassle.